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                          AccSoft help Not for Profits in cash management, maintaining donar loyalty and retention and keeping control on expenses and helping them ensure complete accountability and transparency

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                          Not-for-profit organizations are often forced to walk a fine line to ensure a steady stream of funding. They must account for every dollar spent, as their cash is to be used for specified expenditures and grants. The ability to properly allocate this money and provide visibility into its use is the most important task faced by any not-for-profit ?organization.

                          Challenges faced by the Industry:

                          • Ensuring proper cash management
                          • Maintaining donor loyalty and retention
                          • Accountability pressures
                          • Analyzing expenses for specific funds

                          Tools available to NFP through NFP?Software

                          Fund Management Control:?For your organization to be able to justify its expenditures, you must have the ability to track every dollar spent. Fund Management software will allow you to divide your capital into multiple funds, each with its own authorization protocols, which will prevent the misallocation of funds

                          Improve Donor Relationships:?Advanced Customer Resource Management applications help your business respond quicker to donor demands. In addition, the ability to create customized, real-time reports and financial documents for donors and clients ensures that every step your business takes can be seen by your stakeholders.

                          Streamline Your Services: With your capital spread out over multiple funds and grants, it is often difficult to analyze costs and implement cost cutting measures. The ability to drill down into specific statistics and to view the expenses for each fund separately assists you in removing wastage of cash from specific operations.

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                          Accsoft Advantage

                          Multilevel Expertise

                          Accsoft consultants bring to the table both a thorough expertise in software and applications and an in depth knowledge of business and accounting practices. This allows for a comprehensive approach to restructuring your business procedures, through streamlining of your business operations, the selection of the software package best suited to your needs and maximizing the business advantage from your technological investment.

                          Choice & Customization

                          AccSoft offers a range of software packages from different vendors to suit your unique requirements. After selecting the most appropriate software, we help you customize the software as necessary, including designing screens and reports, developing add-on programs and integrating with existing systems.

                          Business Understanding

                          AccSoft’s approach involves understanding your industry and business processes in order to create the best solution. Our years of implementation experience across various industries has equipped us to quickly gain an insight into your business so we can recommend ways to increase efficiency and improve productivity.

                          End-to-end Solutions

                          AccSoft offers a complete range of services, starting from business requirement analysis, software sales, implementation, customization, and finally going on to provide training and ongoing support. This single-vendor approach helps you reduce complexity and administrative overheads and costs while ensuring that you get the best service.

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