Magento eCommere solution for Dynamics GP

                          Complete eCommerce solution for Microsoft Dynamics GP (Great Plains) using Magento E-Commerce

                          Complete E-Commerce solution for Microsoft Dynamics GP (Great Plains) using Magento E-Commerce

                          Features added?to Microsoft Dynamics GP (Great Plains)

                          • Create multi-level categories/ sub categories and assigned items to them
                          • Define mapping parameters like order ID, Site ID, Price levels
                          • Assign attributes and select the items to be displayed on webstore
                          • map taxes, shipping methods; and? payment methods
                          • Assign SEO information to items
                          • … and many more

                          Features added to Magento

                          add more features to Dynamics GP?required by?Ecommerce solution

                          • Price Levels – interface GP price levels for B2B and B2C.

                          • Display and use quantity breaks define in GP price level

                          • Handle part shipment if order was part shipped in GP*

                          • send the setup information from Magento for mapping in GP

                          *next release

                          Combining the power of two top selling solutions

                          Add-on module for Microsoft Dynamics GP (Great Plains) that enable seamless management of E-Commerce site, developed in Magento

                          Dynamic touchpoints

                          Dynamics GP to Magento

                          • Inventory Items
                          • Categories and sub categories
                          • Items assignment to categories
                          • multi tier price levels
                          • Product images
                          • SEO information
                          • Item quantities at assigned site
                          • B2B Customer Information
                          • Shipment information

                          Magento to Dynamics GP

                          • Tax ID and rates
                          • Shipping Methods
                          • Payment methods
                          • Attributes and attribute sets
                          • B2C customer and address
                          • Sales Orders with item and quantity ordered, shipping and payment method, calculated taxes and shipping charges

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